Singing Demo, Tracks & Clips

Entity Mag Article

Click on the above image to read Entity Mag’s article about Gaby singing in La La Land.

Entity Mag Article

Click on the above image to hear Gaby on BBC5 Live discussing singing in La La Land.


Singing Demo

Kids’ Singing Reel

Light Opera Trio (German)

Vintage Broadway Solo

Vintage Broadway Trio

Angelic Requiem – 1st Sop & Solo (Latin)

Angelic Requiem CLIP – 1st Sop & Solo (Latin)

Boy Soprano (Italian)

Bistro Jazz with Guitar and String Quartet

Queen of The Night (German)

Jerry Springer The Opera (live original cast recording)

Floaty Coloratura Soprano (Latin)

Easy Listening

Baroque Solo (live w/ chamber ensemble) CLIP

Classical Oratorio (Latin)

Italian Grand Opera

20th C. German Art Song

Old School Light Pop

Kids’ Singing Reel (extended)







Soprano: Low G – High High G (above High C)
Sight reader
Blending for backgrounds or choir
Straight tone
Controlled vibrato
Excellent ear and pitch
Extensive singing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic and Elvish
Piano, Flute and French Horn background
Musical Theater, Operetta, Opera, Oratorio and Film/Session Singing resumé available