Cambridge University Press: Business – Communicating Across Cultures / August 2011
~ improvised around pre-scripted scenes, encouraging an accessible, realistic presentation that non-English speakers can still identify with and comprehend (phew!).
~ filmed six scenes for cross-cultural communication and protocol in the English language.


BP/2012 London Olympics – 2012 Olympic Young Leaders Incentive Program / July 2011
~ trained two delightful 17-year old girls to interact confidently with head honchos and big cheeses.


World Economic Forum: Geneva, Switzerland / June 2011
~ developed personal and organisational stories with 80 delegates (oh yeah).

~ oversaw the development and performance of 2 group sketches for an internal WEF performance.

~ Herr Direktor Klaus Schwab is a total dude; not only did he let us artsy types loose on his staff, The WEF has the BEST catering I’ve ever ingested, culminating in a hoe-down bar-b-que complete with haybales. All overlooking sparkling Lake Geneva. What’s not to love?


Diageo & Boster Group – Johnny Walker Blue Label, Robbie Burns Night / January 2011
~ directed two actor pals (with fab Scottish accents) through Burn’s poems and songs for rarefied whisky tasting…and my first morsel of HAGGIS.


Astra-Zeneca: Macclesfield, UK & Wilmington, DE / October 2009
~ trained medical scientists, top consultants and pharmaceutical brainboxes to interact across departments more effectively.

~ performed a wry play depicting squabbling interdepartmental factions, written by a witty pediatrician.

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